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    Nokia N96 vs N95 8Gb - screen backlight power consumption

    I've noticed something a little strange (and undesirable) about the Nokia N96 (promise I won't mention VoIP..)

    In offline mode, with nothing running, the N96 appears to idle at a little lower power consumption than an N95 8Gb.

    Yet with the screen active, and backlight on, the consumption is significantly higher. We get to ~ 0.22W-0.41W on the N95 8Gb yet 0.53-0.69W on the N96

    Now perhaps this is a firmware issue, with cpu power management etc rather than purely screen, but on the surface of it a serious problem.

    Anyone else noticed this yet? I'm using energy profiler for these measurements

    I did add a blog entry here

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    Re: Nokia N96 vs N95 8Gb - screen backlight power consumption

    hi planetf1

    you can also share this at the end user forum which is dedicated to discussions for end user products.


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