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    7650 and Belkin BT

    Hi all,
    I've been trying to connect my 7650 to my Win98 laptop using a Belkin USB Bluetooth adaptor for weeks but I've had no results. The laptop and the phone find each other but PCSuite does not work and I can't transfer any file at all.

    Any suggestions (other than never buying a Nokia again)?


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    RE: 7650 and Belkin BT

    The basic steps are to enable the same COM port in mRouter program that is used for Bluetooth Serial Port by your Bluetooth software.

    The order of steps in this procedure may vary depending on Bluetooth solution:

    1. Open mRouter
    2. Enable the right COM port
    3. Open PC Suite (it is not offline)
    4. Make a Serial Port connection from Bluetooth software to your phone (COM 0 is not allowed!)
    5. Now mRouter should change to Connecting -> Connected
    6. PC Suite detects the phone and is going online

    Some Bluetooth programs establish serial port automatically when a client program using a certain COM port is opened. However, for the first time usage a procedure described above might be needed.

    You can also try to disable encryption, and do pairing and authorisation (from the phone's Bluetooth UI -> paired devices view)in advance.

    Please visit Nokia 7650 Product support pages for further guides how to setup and use PC Suite:

    There are also instructions on readme.txt file (under Start menu | Programs | PC Suite).

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    RE: 7650 and Belkin BT

    I resolved my similar problem by following the instructions at the following URL:


    -note I used a mitsumi USB BT adapter with Belkin s/w rather than the TDK one but it still behaved the same as the instructions.

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