Hi all,

I'm trying to get my N82 to play nicely with my LAN.
I can connect via W-LAN all right, however a) the DHCP client on the N82 doesn't seem to respect the domain name it is offered by the DHCP server, nor does it b) send a hostname when asking for a lease. Additionaly, c) netmask and broadcast address announced by the server are not picked up by the phone according to ifinfo.

a) results in the phone being unable to resolve unqualified hostnames, e.g. "myserver" does not resolve whereas "myserver.example.com" resolves all right.

b) does not allow my DNS to add an entry for the phone, so neither "myphone" nor "myphone.example.com" can be resolved.

Not sure about the impact of c) at the moment.

I'm pretty sure I can rule out a DHCP server misconfiguration, as both windows and linux clients pick up correct data. (I'm using ISC dhcpd-3.1.1)

Is there a way to configure the DHCP client of the N82 to send a hostname when requesting a lease from the DHCP server?

Is there a way to configure name resolution on the N82 to append a DNS suffix when given an unqualified hostname (i.e. as if "search example.com" was added to /etc/resolv.conf on Linux, or "example.com" was added as "DNS suffix for this connection" on Windows)?

If the DHCP client cannot be configured to do so, are there any other DHCP clients available for the N82 I could try?

Can I somehow get verbose output from the DHCP client to do some further debugging?

Thanks for any pointers,