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    question about mms client

    I have asked similar question before, but now still face some problem.
    I am using MMSLibrary and one java wap stack find from the web. My situation is that. I put both the library and wap stack in the PDA. and I will connect my PDA with a GPRS phone, then use it to connect to WAP.

    From my understanding, MMSLibrary can generate the whole message including the header, then is it means the binary code generated is already the PDU for wsp ?

    I read from wap209 that when we want to send MM to the proxy-relay. we have to send a m-send-req, is this m-send-req the whole PDU? or it only contains the header part ?

    Now, my most confusing part is still for wap, in order to send my MM to the server. I put the PDU (generate from MMSlibrary) to the WSP POST data part, is this correct ?

    Lastly, as my phone is already connected to the wap ( i make use of some script with AT command to do so ), then where should my Wap gateway? is it the APN ? or the MMS server ? I really got no idea about this, hope someone can help. i am using this in Hong Kong, and i find the following setting, but don't know how to use in the wap stack.
    wap apn :
    mms apn :
    and there is something like
    wap.orangehk.com (for wap) (for mms)

    Hope someone can help me. Thank you very much for your help.

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    RE: question about mms client

    Hey Fung - interesting question.

    1st of all: the MMS Java Library is intended for use on the SERVER side. But I think you already know this.

    So, you're trying to build an MMS client. Therefore you will have to follow the protocols specified for the MM1 interface. MMS Java Library is intended for use on the MM7 interface. (see MMS spex)

    Have a look at HowToCreateMMSServices. In "A DETAILED LOOK AT AN MMS MESSAGE", you should find a figure called "WSP message, e.g. a POST request". The results of creating an MMS message with the library is only the WSP Content part -- it does NOT include any WSP headers, but as you say, you put this in the WSP POST as the data part.

    You should connect to a WapGW that is connected to the MMSC you will be using. You'll have to contact your local operator for more details.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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