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    can I make terminal side corba program without evaluation module?

    Can I use M2M protocol to build a distribuited application between personal computers?
    I have a nokia30+gateway and n-nokia30 connected with n-computers, does this make sense?
    Thanks in advance

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    RE: can I make terminal side corba program without evaluation module?


    Yes, you make a terminal side CORBA program without the evaluation odule, but you need to wait for the new software version of the Nokia30 terminal.

    Next ADK release includes Tutorial1 application which is an end-to-end application over the Nokia M2M Platform. This means that it has application logic both in the terminal end (remote) and server end of the platform. Both ends of the application, remote and server, can have the role of a client or servant application. In the remote site application the PC works like an Application Module (PC is connected with serial cable and RS-232 adapter to the Terminal) and you can send M2M system protocol messages between PC and terminal. That is, the PC (AM) and the terminal communicate with CORBA over the serial cable. This is why you need the new software version for the Nokia30, because the current software version (7.41) can not communicate with CORBA messages over the serial cable using the RS-232 adapter (DAU-12).

    The new Nokia30 software version will be released on first
    quarter of 2003.

    M2M Developer Support Team

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