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Thread: d211 freeze

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    d211 freeze

    good day, I'm lorenzo viola from Italy

    I've already compiled and installed on a notebook
    ( Asus L8200L ) using this driver on debian and
    kernel 2.4.20 : nokia_d211-linux-1.03.tar.gz

    while this one didn't compile :

    using the old driver everything worked out ok.

    I'm now trying to install on another notebook (Mitac 6120)
    the same driver (nokia_d211-linux-1.03.tar.gz) with the same kernel
    and the same debian.

    At the insertion the pcmcia system recognizes the cards, and
    assigns its IRQ, but when I try to initialize the D211
    the system completely FREEZES ( as I execute manually "nokia_cs" )

    It freezes also if it is the only inserted card.

    what should I try ? I can't find any solution or log to check...
    please help...

    best regards

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    RE: d211 freeze


    Why the 1.04 doesn't compile? Can you provide e.g. a complete compilation log about what is happening.

    There are some very important fixes in 1.04 so you should use it instead of 1.03. It might also solve your problem.

    The /var/log/messages provides the drivers debug information.

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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