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Thread: MMSC In America

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    MMSC In America


    Am I correct that in the US the carriers will run the MMS proxy-
    relays rather than independents like Nokia, or will/does Nokia
    have a functioning MMSC in the States? If so can an MMS receptive
    Nokia HS on a GSM network already receive an MMS message in the US?
    Sorry for such a general question.


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    RE: MMSC In America

    Nokia doesn't own MMSCs anywhere that are used by Nokia phones in that country.

    Operators decide whose MMSC they want to buy, and install it. After that, all the phones operating in that operator's (e.g. T-mobile) network will be using that MMSC, whether it's Ericsson/Nokia/CMG/whatever.

    You need to start bugging your local operator about when are they going to support MMS. But yes, as soon as the operator offers it, the Nokia 3650 and 7210 function in the US, and can receive MMSs.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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