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    Configurator Software Compatibility


    I have configurator v2.30, and I have not been able to get it to run on 2 different Pentium II Pc's. Now, when I took this unit home from work lastnight, and plugged it into my Pentium I (No USB) machine, it works fine!

    Now, these 3 machines are all running Win 98, and they can all access thru Hyperterminal perfectly with COM1, now when I goto the configurator software, on the Pentium II machines .. no luck?

    Any Ideas?

    Also... I am trying to get to the point where I can configure the SMS templates for device control, well I can put in the Required message Identifier, but it still doesnt allow me to go any further into the configuration. ??

    Any Ideas?
    Thanks In Advance!

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    RE: Configurator Software Compatibility


    The problem you might have with the newest configurator and user control mode configuration is that your terminal does not support
    further configuration.

    The new software should be available (this is just an estimate)
    during 2Q/2003. This new software is capable of handling the new
    features of the remote user control.

    The configurator should be worked in all your PC's,
    are you using data adapter+data cable and check from
    configurator file/preferences/ that connection type is at command and
    the used com port is correct.


    Nokia M2M developer support team

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