Hi All,

I am trying to create a VoIP application using JSR 180 for mobile device using Java Wireless toolkit.
My VoIP application is trying to register an IMS core network.

I am using J2ME emulator to develop/test the application.

My application is correctly sending REGISTER request to IMS core and wireshark shows that IMS core sends correct 200 OK for REGISTER request.
My application is sending the REGISTER request from a dynamically selected port (eg. 3456) to 5060 to my proxy and the response 200 OK is coming to the same port, but my host system throws ICMP message quoting "Port Unreachable".

I guess, the UDP port (3456), is closed as soon as the REGISTER request is sent to network from J2ME enviroment.
Is there any need for some special setting/configuration so that the port is not closed.

Please help.