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Thread: AT Commands

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    AT Commands

    is there any AT commands which allows to keep the connection alive while sending the 'SMS'

    We have implemented the message queue where all the messages posted and then delivered to the recipient one by one using the NOKIA 6070 phone (we are using 6070 as a GSM modem). SMS were sent properly but it can send only 6 'SMS' per minute. What we observed that every time send request made it opens the connection send out 'SMS' and then close the connection which means every send command is opening connection and closing it. We wanted to issue the AT command (which I have not found in any documentation) so that it will open the connection ONLY ONCE and send out *all* the messages from the queue and then close the connection.

    Is there any AT command to do this?

    -Santosh Maskar

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    Re: AT Commands

    you can check this wiki about at command

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