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    Memory Management on S60 R3 FP2

    Are there significant changes in memory management between FP1 and FP2.

    I've noticed that N95-2 has > 80Mb free after startup whilst an N96 is typically reporting ~40Mb.

    This is with no apps, so is this some form of preloading, an issue in early fw or a restriction of some kind?


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    Re: Memory Management on S60 R3 FP2

    the following data are copied from Nokia Device Specifications
    SDRAM Memory: 128 MB

    Nokia N95 8GB Technical Specs
    SDRAM Memory: 128 MB
    ~90 MB Free Executable RAM Memory

    There is no official data about executable RAM for N96.
    from my point of view, n95 and n96 do not have big difference on memory management.if your N96 really just has ~40Mb,the reason could be too many application running on the background.

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