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    Acessing voice channel using J2ME

    Hello friends,

    I'm interested in J2ME because there are a large range of cell phone application today that use this technology. I have some experience in C programming, and now I want to write some code using Java - specially in Nokia devices.

    I have a book who contains some topics using the basic of J2ME, MIDP 1.0 (yes, it's the oldest book talking about J2ME, published in 2002). But it don't cover advanced topic like using voice and data channel with J2ME.

    I want to write a program to handle voice data, applying filter, criptography and others mathematic operations when the voice signal were translated in raw data.

    I think this kind of resources must be found here, in the Nokia forum. So, you are the experts, and I hope you can help me. I have some questions about it.

    1o. Are there any support to voice manipulation in J2ME?
    2o. Can I use low level resources like voice sampling using J2ME?
    3o. Can you recommend any Nokia cellphone able to perform this task? May I get some Nokia API to do anything with this cellphones?

    Thanks for your precious information.


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    Re: Acessing voice channel using J2ME

    In general there are two APis for multimedia in Java ME. MMAPI (JSR-135) and AMMS (JSR-234). MMAPI provides high-level recording and playback controls. Nothing else.
    AMMS provides some audion manipulation controls, but those classes are not available on all phones (MMAPI is much moe widely available).
    If this does not provide the tools you need, then you need to work with the audio files yourself using FileConnection API and implement the audio manipulations yourself.


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