I have an MMS notification application that is built using the conformance documents and WAP forum specs.
It works well with all SonyEricsson phones, Siemens phones and even Nokia 7210 and 6110. But it does not work with 7650 for some strange reason.

My problem is as follows:
1. WAP push notification is received by 7650 and I see the "retreiving message" message
2. It connects GPRS to try to download the MMS message, but I never see it reaching the download URL. After a few seconds, it stops trying.

My questions to the knowledgable folks in this discussion Forum:

1. Is there any documented difference of how MMS works, between 7650 and other newer Nokia models ?

2. As the 7650 never even hits my URL to download message, I presume there is some error in finding or calling the URL. Are there any limitations on how the URL for the download message can look? e.g. are there any characters that are forbidden or need to be escaped?
Is there a size limit on the URL?
Does it have to be numeric?

3. There is nothing wrong with the message format (or SMIL) as I can send message from the 7650 to the 7210 and be received. However, the 7650 cannot receive that same message.

4. Could this be a firmware software problem with the 7650? I just bought it last week. How do I check the sw version and how do I know if it is a "good" version?