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    wallpaper copyright protection on 3510i


    I am now working on wallpaper downloading on 3510i. I don't want others can forward my graphics through OTA. So i write cod files and set the mime type in server to protect my graphics. However, when I downloaded one of my graphics onto 3510i, the copyright field in detail doesn't set to protected. What's the problem?

    the graphics are in gif format and i set the mime type as follow:
    .gif image/vnd.nok-wallpaper

    thx a lot~

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    RE: wallpaper copyright protection on 3510i


    Rename your gif-files with .nwp extenstion, ie. if your file name is foobar.gif rename it to foobar.nwp. Then assing nwp extension to image/vnd.nok-wallpaper on your server side.

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