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    How can open socket in port 80 for terminatingApp.java

    Dear sir,
    I am a newbie for MMS. Now, I configured TerminatingApp.java to listen port 80 to receive message from MMSC. When I ran the terminatingapp, it shown alram "address already in use". How can I resolve it?
    PS. I put terminatingApp.java in our develop web server box so this server use port 80 for web server. We dont want to use other port for termianting app.

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    RE: How can open socket in port 80 for terminatingApp.java


    If you have some another software (Web server for example) using the port 80 you can't use it with the Java library. You need to assign some free port. Otherwise how can the Java lib know if the incoming reguest is meant for web server or your application...?

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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