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    nokia_d211-linux-1.04 is unuseable on RedHat 8.0


    The nokia_cs driver seems to be unuseable on RedHat systems at all. Build and installed on a RedHat system, ``depmod -ae'' reports unresolved symbols. These are all the symbols from the kernel and dependent modules.
    RedHat systems are modular ones, which highly relay on symbol versioning.
    With both cases, the driver can't be built without the mentioned unresolved symbols.
    I've tried to build a custom kernel, with all the PCMCIA stuff compiled monolitic into the kernel, and disabled symbol versioninng (one wouldn't find this on a RedHat system). After this I could build the driver with all symbols defined.

    Seems the Nokia team don't even know the distribution they say they

    But not at all, modprobing the nokia_cs module doesn't do anything. ``lsmod'' reports it is there, but the /proc/net directory remains without the nokia_cs file.

    My question for the Nokia team. Do You know about a version of the D211 driver which is working on Linux, or will we have to return the card?


    PS (for the Nokia team): Thanks for your quick reply (never happened) to my former questions! Probably You didn't even know, what the hick I'm talking about - did You?

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    RE: nokia_d211-linux-1.04 is unuseable on RedHat 8.0


    I just received an answer and posted it to your last question.

    I'm sorry that the delay has caused you stress. However, keep in mind that this discussion board is dedicated to developers. In here it is possible to ask questions about technical details that are relevant to developers working on 3rd party applications. We will do our best to find answers to these questions but we need to collect the information from many different sources. It is not that we delay the answers in purpose. Sometimes it takes time to get the answers because we need to consult many people in order to get all details that are required. I hope you understand the way how this discussion board works.

    Now, please go through the answer and give us your comments. We will gladly provide you additional assistance in case our proposal does not help in your case.

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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