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    GIOP message fragmentation in Nokia M2M Platform


    I would like to use the GIOP message fragmentation because 1500 bytes are not enough for me. To do that I have installed the new version of Nokia Gateway, but it does not receive messages at all, while the old version worked well.

    I use Java SDK 1.4.1 and JacORB 1.4.1 (but the new Nokia Gateway does not work even with Java SDK 1.4.0 and 1.3.1 and JacORB 1.3.30) JacORB is set to fragmentize the messages. I added ?DIORGenerator.IIOPVersion=1.2? to gateway_jacorb_csd.bat file in order to fragmentize the messages. (But the gateway does not work even without it)

    N30 configurator is version 1.1.

    In the Gateway log file there is several NullPointerExceptions in running the LicenseManager and the RadiusManager is not also started properly.

    Can anyone tell me where is the problem and what should I do to fragmentize the messages?

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    RE: GIOP message fragmentation in Nokia M2M Platform


    We recommended that you try to use Sun's ORB for fragmentation of GIOP messages. Read instructions about GIOP messages fragmentation
    Application Programming Guide for Nokia M2M Gateway Trial Version v5.0 (M2M_Appl_Prog_Guide_Gateway_Trial_v5_0.pdf) -> Appendix A, page 27.

    Programming Guide for Terminal Side Application v4.0 (M2M_Programming_Guide_v4_0.pdf) -> Appendix A, page 102

    Best Regards,
    M2M Developer Support Team

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