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    3D API for series 60

    Hi all,
    I know from Khronos Group that
    "The OpenGL ES specification is not yet written, so there is no firm release date for OpenGL ES. But the contributors are in active discussions about features and implementation, so I expect a first draft in the next few months"
    Cause the Symbian 3D API will support OpenGL ES , I think that Symbian 3D API will be available on Nokia7650 between much time.
    Do someone know more detailed news?

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    RE: 3D API for series 60


    Keep checking the Forum Nokia site which is regularly updated with our latest tools, sample codes and documents on Symbian.


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    Currently there is no 3d API from Symbian and I haven't heard that they would be planning on creating one. They might be though. Well will let you know on Forum Nokia web site like Ravi mentioned.

    Currently all 3d engines are created by developers. Rich Games SDK is the only SDK which contains 3d engine: OpenGL. For others developers, I recommend to get started with "Introduction to 3d graphics in Series 60"-document and its example polytube.

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