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    Playing sound on earphone

    How can I play sounds on the earphone when it connected to the device? How can I play sounds on the internal speaker when earphones are connected?

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    Re: Playing sound on earphone


    Please see this article, which suggests to use Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234) for Media output direction, the ability to choose whether audio is played through a speaker or headset.

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    Re: Playing sound on earphone

    I have a similar problem. I need to stream audio from my midlet to external (via bluetooth) speakers. The speakers work just fine with the built-in media player, but the midlet sounds/music only plays through the phone's own tiny speaker.

    I checked the jsr-234 spec, and found nothing referring to the ability to choose the output audio channel/method. It had some really tech-y and "nice" 3d-sound APIs, which I couldn't care less about. The camera stuff looked pretty interesting, though. Hope the phone's support that soon.

    Anyway - a simple class handling the sound output to external/internal - sounds like the most trivial thing, but seems to be left out? Or am I missing something obvious?

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