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    CCalEntry::NewL() question

    CCalEntry::NewL() requires as second parameter a pointer to a "global UID". The new entry takes ownership of the Uid descriptor.Whether the Uid is automatism releaseed while CCalEntry::NewL() Leave?

    CleanupStack::PushL(uid); // Is that Necessary?
    entry = CCalEntry::NewL(entryType, uid, CCalEntry::EMethodNone, 0);

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    Re: CCalEntry::NewL() question

    This article will clear your doubts.
    Sainagakishore Srikantham (Kishore)

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    Re: CCalEntry::NewL() question

    Uid is a memory on the heap and the call you are making
    entry = CCalEntry::NewL(entryType, uid, CCalEntry::EMethodNone, 0);
    is a leaving function there is possibility that it could leave. In case it leave HBufC* Uid you have allocated on the heap goes unclaimed or not deallocated. You have leak in order to avoid that you need to place on CleanupStack.

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