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    View Messages Across different Drives

    I am developing an application where I can view my messages coming under INBOX across the system drive (C:\) and the MMC card

    But before that , I have created a message index under MMC Card

    Is there any way I can handle it ?

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    Re: View Messages Across different Drives

    The Message Server uses one drive at a time as I know. You can try making a backup of your MMC card and the phone, then see what happens if you move the messages (Settings/Other/Memory in use in the Messaging application), but there are chances of that it will simply overwrite your messages on the MMC. In this case you can restore the MMC card from your PC and your old messages should appear (at the cost of your new messages disappear, but you can restore them too, from the phone memory backup).
    It may also happen that the two set of messages are going to be merged when you switch memory, I do not know.

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