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    Unable to display image on Nokia n95 emulator


    I have an map application to display a map of a location.
    Is there any possibility or api available using which i can integrate or invoke google maps and access it using midlets ?

    I searched over the web but didn't find anything.

    Later on tried to access the url on my machine which accesses the google map and displays the map on my system browser.

    I passed the same url to my mobile but only the html statements were getting displayed . The map doesnt get displayed at all.

    The map contains javascript code.

    I even tried accessing a javascript enabled menu in mobile browser of nokia emulator and it was displaying without any errors.But when it comes to maps it doesnt display ?

    Please reply ....

    Thank you

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    Re: Unable to display image on Nokia n95 emulator

    Midlet, javascript... I guess you should check the Mobile Java board.
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