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Thread: Get App version

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    Get App version


    Is there an interface to programatically retrieve the version numbers of one's application from Symbian? I mean the numbers given in the PKG file.

    It is useful for support purposes to find the issue of software that the user has got on their phone, and the phone only displays it at installation time.

    I can't find the answer by searching the Forum or the Wiki, or Google...



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    Re: Get App version

    Quote Originally Posted by 76Richard76 View Post
    I can't find the answer by searching the Forum
    Strange, Paul Todd has already answered this question many times. If I search for pkg version on http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/search.php, the 8th hit is by him for example.

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    Re: Get App version

    Hello wizard_hu_,

    Thank you for giving me the reference, I now know there is no way for me to do that job. Perhaps when open source comes along we may get some more access to more APIs.

    You seem to find it "strange" that I could not find the information that I required. Have you considered that it may be that it is very difficult to guess which keywords to use in a search for information? Your assumption seems to be that people don't look at all, which is not true. I looked on various combinations of the words "version, application, app, interface, api", all to no avail.
    "already answered this question many times" is probably related to the obscurity of the information, not the idleness of the enquirer...

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