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    N95 8gb PAP protocol eudoram

    Hi all, I cant connect to my eudoram wirless at university, because phone doesn't support pap protocol... Is there any solution about this...i read that in new upgrade will be included, but even new sofware doenst support this...

    It's work on everything-mac, win.linux...win mobile....even on SE P1, but not in nokia

    My university eudoram page: http://www.eduroam.si/si/osebni-dost...-erricsson-p1i

    any help or anything?

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    Re: N95 8gb PAP protocol eudoram

    There is a long existing discussion on this
    (check the end of the discussion as well for some updates)
    Unfortunately the situation is still the same, the required protocol is not supported on Nokia devices, and there is no estimate when first devices will support it and which devices end up spporting it. Unfortunately.


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