I am supervising the MPEG4 conversion processes. I think we successfully converted videos into H.263 (.nim file) using this program "Multimedia Converter Pro (version 1.0 build 11.0)" http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,040,00.html?fsrParam=3-3-%2Fmain.html&fileID=1823 but still do not know how to view the files on 7650. We have a bluetooth device connected to a Mac. Sending pictures from Mac to 7650 is ok, but the phone says the format is not recognizable. On various Nokia website mention that a video player is preloaded or some kind of default, and loading should be less of a hassle than we are experiencing, but I think we do not have the commercial model which the site is talking about. We only have Real One Player and it will only works with the streaming online media. Do we need to subscribe for any services to get this Real One Player to work? Can you kindly send me a step by step instruction on how to load the video player into the 7650 phone to view videos? And I would like to have the contact info of the engineer who will be helping people like us on March 6th, so that I can also talk to him on this issue just in case we have more troubles (and such things surely happen). I suppose this project is for the Munich thing, so I have to finish this within this week. I really appreciate your prompt help. Thank you very much.