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    Trying to add a button from the UI Designer

    I'm new to Symbian development, and I need to create an app with a handful of image buttons and a text input field. How should I go about doing this?

    This is what I tried. I'm using Carbide, and I use the wizard to create a 3rd-Future Ed. GUI Application with UI Designer. Then, I'm in the UI designer. On the palette on the right, I don't see a "button" control that I can add. Just images and labels.

    A few pointers from the experts would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a few helpful links. I'm developing for Symbian OS v9.2, S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1.


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    Re: Trying to add a button from the UI Designer

    those controls are not available for S60 UI designer, so you might able to use UI designer for that .

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    Re: Trying to add a button from the UI Designer

    Here are a few pointers:
    - S60 3rd Edition FP1 (built on Symbian OS 9.2) is not touch enabled so the notion of button is not something that usually makes sense for it. You will find very few applications using them and you will also find that they are non-standard (custom) controls. You should read the S60 UI Style Guide and learn about the available components and how they should be used together.
    - Your question regards the use of UI Designer, a component belonging to the Carbide.c++ IDE and there is a dedicated forum where you could ask UI Designer related questions
    - Your question also regards the construction of your application's UI and we have a forum where you can discuss these issues too.
    -- Lucian

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