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    voip client development

    I will develop VOIP client with j2me I installed netbeans and sun wireless toolkid, jsr 180 api and also studied sip deeply but I am not sure if the tools I installed enough please tell me the requirements to start with this project and I will be thankful if you give helpful resources and guide me to do this project
    thanks for your help

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    Re: voip client development

    from my point of view,in current smartphone, it is not possible to develope a VOIP application just using J2ME.

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    Re: voip client development

    Hello projeci,
    Well lming is correct on the fact that its currently not possible using J2ME. You should opt for a more Native language for e.g c++. You can start with some Symbian tutorials. Install Carbide.c++ editor (the evaluation version is free and gives all the basic functionality). And finally a great deal of study about SIP(RFC 3261) and RTP(RFC 1889) is required. Go thru them nicely.

    All the very best.

    Abhishek karmakar

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    Re: voip client development

    I decided to develop the project with Symbian C++, I have a good knowledge of java and C but I don't know C++. So please help me what is the good starting point to my project? what apis I have to install and study?

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