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    Question using the front camera in S60 2nd ed

    is there a method on how to take a photograph using the front camera?

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    Re: using the front camera in S60 2nd ed

    Yes, you set the camera position to 1 (for front camera) instead of 0 (for main camera, which is the default).

    From the PyS60 documentation:
    take_photo([mode, size, zoom, flash, exposure, white balance, position ])

    *position is the camera used if the device, such as Nokia 6680, has several cameras. In Nokia 6680, the camera pointing to the user of the device is located in position 1, whereas the one pointing away from the user is located in position 0. The default position is 0.
    So, for example:
    import camera
    image = camera.take_photo(mode = "RGB", size = (176, 144), exposure = "auto", position = 1)
    #Remember that resolution for the front camera may be different depending on the device

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    Re: using the front camera in S60 2nd ed

    Yes, Bogdan's example worked fine here, even using 3rd Edition.



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