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    Bluetooth "Nokia PC Suit" announced features

    In the "Nokia PC Suite" for the 7650 model it is writen: "...Create new display icons and convert ringing tones, and manage ...". After a few hours trying to discover those features in the mensioned software, I was unnabled to find them. No Image creation tools nor ring tones convertion.
    Am I correct to assume that Nokia is not being accurate to what it's own software does?
    Isn't this "missinformation"?

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    RE: Bluetooth "Nokia PC Suit" announced features


    'With PC Suite for Nokia 7650, you can share information between a compatible PC and your phone, install software on the phone, configure phone settings, and make backups of phone files. You can also synchronise your calendar, contacts and tasks with Microsoft and Lotus applications, copy and move images on your PC and phone, and copy contacts and calendar information from another Nokia mobile phone or a Palm device.'

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