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    WRT protection problem

    If I have the .wgz file and it is easy for me to send to others and install.

    My concern is, is it possible to force only one mobile to use it? for other mobiles, they need to have another set of id etc.. is there any unique id mechanism that can protect this?


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    Re: WRT protection problem

    unfortunately there appears to be no ways on checking the device identification codes. Anyway, you could always try with Symbian C++ application, use Browser control API as UI, and load the Widget into it. You could try using the Desc version of the page loading, so you could indeed encrypt the whole html file when shipping it.

    Then make somekind of authentication thingi based on IMEI or IMSI.

    All and all, could be that the Widget specific stuff would not work on the browser control, but at least something you could look into.

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    Re: WRT protection problem

    Is there way to get IMSI of SIM card in WRT widget?

    I see we can get IMEI using

    function getIMEI(){
    var systemServiceObj = device.getServiceObject("Service.SysInfo", "ISysInfo");
    // Initialize the criteria for the service object and obtain the
    // information
    var criteria = new Object();
    criteria.Entity = "Device";
    criteria.Key = "IMEI";
    try {
    var result = systemServiceObj.ISysInfo.GetInfo(criteria);
    alert("IMEI: " + result.ReturnValue.StringData);
    } catch (ex) {
    return; }

    How about IMSI?

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