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    WGZ installation in sis file ?

    Hello guys!

    I just want to know if is possible to build SIS installation file which include WRT - wgz.

    I want to make installation procedure like that:

    1. run sis file on mobile phone ( e.g Nokia N95 )
    2. it installs some server written in smybian c++ which runs in background.
    3. run/install wgz package - Widget (wgz file located in sis file).
    4. Only widgets icon is shown on Applications menu.

    How can i do that? Is possbile?

    Thank you very much for any hint.

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    Re: WGZ installation in sis file ?

    please try avoiding posting same questions multiple times, once should be enough in most of the cases, thus lets continue this in the another one: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=148501

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