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    What sort of "scripting" can I do with the Carbide.c++ debugger?

    The Carbide.C++ debugger seems to promise "scripting" so that
    I can define some sort of automatic actions to be taken when
    breakpoints are hit.

    And I see that certain trivial things are there:

    • Skip one or more source statements
    • Play a .WAV file
    • Write something to the log
    • Auto-resume after a fixed time delay

    But I'd like to do something more along the lines of:

      on breakpoint_x
          if (variable==some_interesting_value)
    Can THAT be done?

    Is that capability perhaps hiding in this fifth possibility
    for a breakpoint action:

    • Run an external program

    Am I missing the forest for the trees?

    And, of course, is any of this stuff actually documented
    anywhere (and if so, where)?

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