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    [announce] PyFolder, a launcher shell with icons


    I have released PyFolder Python application. That is a shell that presents Python scripts as icons and can launch them. No more need to wrap everything inside sis application packages (at least for simple applications), or use cumbersome Python shell as a laucher.

    You can use it also to download scripts (and in fact other files too) from Web to the current folder. PyFolder looks like a virtual folder in your standard Application Shell. You can choose to open any folder, and run the scripts it contains.

    You can also use custom icons for specific scripts easily. Just copy e.g. a file myscript.jpg to the same folder where myscript.py exists. PyFolder application will scale and save the thumbnail automatically.

    Download from:


    Have fun!


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    Re: [announce] PyFolder, a launcher shell with icons

    Hi haviital,

    Wow, one more announce! This week we had many of them

    This one will be very useful for me I hate having Python apps mixed up with native Symbian apps.

    I have already downloaded the .sis file and will give you my feedback tomorrow, maybe!

    Thanks for this useful application!

    Keep them coming!



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    Re: [announce] PyFolder, a launcher shell with icons

    Hi Hannu

    This is again a great application.
    Great to see that so many people are making using python to make some indeed good applications.

    Keep it up
    Best Regards

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