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    Time Display on 6610

    I am *really* annoyed with my new 6610, for the fact that it has no time-display on it's main screen. Bugs me immensely!. While it does have a time-display on screen-save mode, this is not backlit, so it is VERY difficult to read in low light ( doing anything to activate the back-light, obviously, kicks out of screen save mode!). Another annoyance is the inability to assign a tone to individual alarms. Further, when the Alarm goes off, the backlighting flashes out of synch with the "Alarm" wording and time, and hence is difficult to read in the dark!.

    My Question(s):
    1. Is it possible to modify things, such as adding a time display to the main screen, or adjusting the flashing of the Alarm function, or controlling back-light timing, or adding features to the Calendar functions to provide personalized tones for Calendar event Alarms, using Java?
    If not then:
    2. Who do I contact in Nokia to complain about such things?
    3. Assuming some Nokia developer somewhere can be contacted, Is there any possibility of getting an upgrade to the installed software/firmware, that will address these issues?

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    RE: Time Display on 6610

    I have a 6610 and the time displays itself in the Top Right of the screen. Your settings are probably hiding the time on the main screen.

    Go to SETTINGS and from there go to TIME AND DATE SETTINGS. Select the CLOCK option and then select SHOW CLOCK. Problem solved.

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