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    debugging with nokia emulators and sun one studio

    Does anyone know how to debug applications running in the nokia emulators (I'm using the 7210, 6310 and the series 60 emulator)?

    I installed the Sun One mobile edition and enabled sun one studio integration, but the only thing I get is the entry in the tools menu, where you can execute MIDlets but not debug them

    Any help appreciated!

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    RE: debugging with nokia emulators and sun one studio

    It's impossible in Sun1. U need to use JBuilder7 or JBuilder8 Enterprise. But in any case u can't debug 7210 emulator... but 6650 ok

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    RE: debugging with nokia emulators and sun one studio

    Hmm, no it's not impossible. But nearly impossible. The issue is using JDK 1.4.1 and Sun One. Sun's website suggests a few things to make this work for you.

    1) switch the debugger to classic mode. JDK 1.4.x does not have a classic mode anymore but even changing this appears to have an affect. Here's how to do this.
    Go into the \bin\ directory of the J2MEWTK and edit the emulator.bat file and add the -classic switch right after the ...\java command. (leave the rest of the command line intact of course)
    2) switch the Sun One 4.0 IDE to SDI mode (having smaller windows rather than one big). You do this in tools>setup wizard. Change the window mode to SDI. Changes take affect immediately.

    when you do try this, please post your results here so that all can use this as a method of help.

    Seems the best workaround if none of that works is to use the free Jbuilder 7 personal edition from Borland's website. This IDE uses JDK 1.3.1 for base java classes.

    one last thing.
    Jbuilder8 (which uses JDK 1.4.1)is seen to have similar issues as Sun One. I don't yet know of a workaround to this for Jbuilder8 except to go back to 7.

    Mike Lupo
    Forum Nokia Tools Developer Support

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