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    3.2 Emulator woes

    Hi everyone, we've recently started upgrading a product to use the S60 3.2 SDK (FP2) and I'm starting to go through and add MSK options to our GUI, but I'm stumbling over a pretty big hassle. The emulator's default settings are pretty bad.

    I've tried modifying the ini files to account for this, but I'm still having problems getting key mappings and virtual key zones to work. A few problems I get:

    - The clickable area for keys isn't right. This is especially true around the nav keys and MSK.
    - Keyboard keys aren't consistent. For example, the primary offender is the enter key. Under the 3.0 emulator this seems to consistently send the MSK signal. Under the 3.2 version it not only fails to do that, but it can sometimes even cause an app to die with a Kern-Exec 32 if I forget and accidentally hit enter while selecting a symbol from the "pencil" key's popup menu.

    Does anyone have a good .ini they can share, or a link to some better documentation?


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    Re: 3.2 Emulator woes

    Another one I remembered, that's really annoying: in the 3.0 emulator, pressing Shift + a key opens the pencil menu, but it also inserts the key I wanted. For instance, Shift + 2 puts an @ in the text area. I have to hit escape to close the menu, but it's bearable. In 3.2 shift still opens the menu but it doesn't insert the character, so I have to jump back and forth between the keyboard and mouse.

    Does anyone know of a way to make 3.2's emulator act the same as 3.0's in this instance (or heck, all instances :) )?

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