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    [moved] Dial-up with Emulator


    I'm using SDK S60_3rd edition FP2 (Symbian OS v9.3) and I need to run my application with the Emulator and I'm trying to use dial-up connection. My computer has a modem integrated and I'm able to dial to a number using HyperTerminal program.

    According to Emulator documentation is possible to use a modem to dial. I followed the procedure which describes how to change the communication DB (CommDB, using CED and CEDDUMP).

    Trying to dial through emulator and I got this error:
    "Connection not available: -26041", I'm not able to dial an external number.

    Does anybody knows if it's possible to use Dial-up with the Emulator?


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    Re: Dial-up with Emulator

    I'm not sure what you're trying to do and why ... Since S60 3rd Edition the emulator uses Winsock so whatever connection is available to your windows machine (LAN, WLAN, dial-up ...) will be automatically accessible to the emulator and, internally, to all its application through the preconfigured Winsock IAP.

    Also, the emulator is part of the SDK and not of Carbide.c++ therefore I will have to move this to the "Symbian Tools and SDKs " forum.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: [moved] Dial-up with Emulator

    Hi Lucian,

    thanks for your response.
    I wanted to use the Emulator as a regular phone (as in Hyperterminal). The application uses real phone numbers to different network switches. I thougt that if I configure the CommDB in Modem section of cedout.cfg file, with communication params. (e.g. Comm port= COM1, DataBits= 8, ...) the Emulator will use the PC Internal modem (extras from cedout.cfg file:

    # COMMDB_ID = 3
    Name=CSD Modem

    In the Emulator documentation is presented only the dial-up simulated or I need a real dial-up, if it's possible.

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    Smile Re: [moved] Dial-up with Emulator

    Does it mean that we can dial a number from an emulator if emulator
    can talks to outside world through any netwok. If this topic is same as what i think then it will be really interesting for me.

    Have anyone has some exp...

    Can we really do this...

    Any help...


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