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    Acquiring Nokia 30 hardware for compatibility testing?

    Do Nokia have a policy of "loaning" hardware or a discounted purchase scheme for developers to test an application?

    We have an application running on IBM iSeries (AS/400) hardware that automatically sends and receives SMS messages. We are currently using an Ericsson GM25 terminal phone module but would like to test various other devices for compatibility. Acquiring all the various manufacturers hardware available for this purpose would be prohibitively expensive for a small development team.

    If we can prove that the Nokia 30 is suitable for use with our application it would naturally be recommended to your customers for use with our application so this would lead to sales for Nokia.

    Any information greatly appreciated

    Paul Wren
    AS/400 Development Group Leader for Macro 4 plc

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    RE: Acquiring Nokia 30 hardware for compatibility testing?


    Your information and request was submited to our Business Development team, and they will contact you if you are eligible to our product loan plan.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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