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Thread: WLANLDD panic

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    WLANLDD panic

    Could anyone please tell me What is the function of the WLM in WLAN component.
    What WLM means?
    I got an error in my device ,and whn i analyse ,its showing panic category as WLANLDD macstate and Panic id as 395.

    Could anyone tell me frm where i get more info about it.

    Thanks & regards


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    Re: WLANLDD panic

    Some blind guesses: WLM might be Wireless Lan Manager and WLANLDD might be the WLAN Logical Device Driver. But these are just guesses of the names, and do not solve anything.
    You may get better answers if you describe what you are actually doing when the panic occurs.

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    Re: WLANLDD panic

    Thank u for your quick reply.

    actualy i installed mfe in my device ,and it working fine.

    but whn i kept the device idle ,at mfe synchronisation time the device rebooted automatically.

    and the panic i got is WLANLDD macstate
    with id 395.

    You know any link to know more abt this panic.


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