I have 3 midlets which all work fine on my 7650 but have problems on my 6610 (fw 3.09)
The first; a simple networking game midlet hangs as soon as a network connection is made.
The second; a test midlet with improved networking. This works, but after some time when i try to display my log buffer it gives the error "Application can't be executed" (translated from dutch "Toep. kan niet worden uitgevoerd&quot. I'm also very disappointed to find that network performance is about 4 to 10 times worse as what I've accomplished with my own http implementation on my 7650.
Third: A game midlet using the same improved networking as the second midlet. This starts up and while it's loading the graphics gives the same error "Application can't be executed".
Does this error mean that midlet is out of memory?
PS: Does anybody know of a way to look at system.out and system.err when running a midlet on a phone? Or just simply a way to view a stacktrace would allready be great. Debugging midlets can be hell sometimes; no idea what's going wrong, where it's going wrong, never mind how to solve it