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    Problem: Javascript running while selecting network

    Hi forum nokia people,

    i am trying to solve this problem, it goes like this..

    i got a program that requires me to go online and collect data from the server. at the point when i use Ajax xmlHttpRequest to go online, the widget naturally will prompt the WINSOCK, or prompt you to connect using wireless or gprs for network.

    At the same point of time, before i had select the wireless network and go online, the Javascript is still running. I wanted to halt the javascript at the point when it prompt to select the network to use and continue the javascript from that point of time after i selected the network.

    for e.g. program like this

    A program which request and fetch a variable A from the server to the widget, the widget Add A + 5 and display the result.

    So if A is 5, the result would be 10.

    but when the part where fetching the variable A from servers requires the handset to choose network whether wireless or 3G/GPRS to go online,at that point of time the javascript behind already finish running and gave the result as "null" + 5 before i finish selecting the network.

    i am not sure how to solve, or has to halt the javascript,
    i have tried delay function but in vain

    Any suggestion for my problem?

    Thank you for your kind attention and reply !

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    Re: Problem: Javascript running while selecting network

    Hi shixiong,

    If I understood your problem correctly, your program work like this.

    // Ajax request to get the value from Internet server
    A = getValueFromServer();
    // continue add
    sum = A + 5;
    Ajax requests are Asynchronous, so JavaScript statement execution will not be in hold till the function call gets the value from the server.
    So, do your addition step/statements will be called when you'll get the ajax response from the server.

    Ajax request
    function getValueFromServer() 
    	var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
    	req.onreadystatechange = processReqChange;
    	req.open("GET", url, true);
    function processReqChange() 
         if (req.status == 200) {
    function continueYourExecutionHere()
          sum = A + 5;

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    Angry Re: Problem: Javascript running while selecting network

    I still think that there should be a way to block the execution WHILE the user is choosing a connection.

    My problem is similar to the above, except that what I am implementing is a timeout for the request. What happens is that it takes quite a while for the user to allow and select a connection and this time also varies a lot between users. The only workaround is to set a timeout so long that it is almost useless.

    Ideally, there should be a widget method to request a connection that returns when the user has done that (with the result of true or false depending on what the user did). After that, if you got confirmation from the user, you can use the same connection as you would with standard httprequest calls.


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    Re: Problem: Javascript running while selecting network

    Hi Christian,

    I faced a similar "problem" with connection timeouts from within a Flash Lite application. Having a callback called when the IAP is chosen would be useful in such a case but, personally, I think It'll be quite hard to have it implemented somewhere in the future


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