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    Lightbulb Forum Nokia / Adobe Flash Lite Webinar

    Hi All,

    Attention Flash Lite developers! This coming Wednesday and Thursday (January 28th and 29th) join Nokia technical experts in this webinar to look at the new S60 5th Edition Platform Services and how Flash developers can make use of them. Nokia will give an overview of the opportunities on offer and the techniques used to access location, sensor, calendar, contacts, and other functionality in your Flash and web applications. Join us to learn about some practical examples of how you can use S60 Platform Services to extend what Flash Lite can do on Nokia platforms.

    Register for this webinar here:

    EMEA Session
    10 a.m. London, noon Helsinki

    Americas Session
    7 a.m. San Francisco, 9 a.m. Dallas, 10 a.m. New York

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Forum Nokia / Adobe Flash Lite Webinar

    Quote Originally Posted by bill.volpe View Post
    Tuesday (November 4th) join Adobe and Nokia technical experts in this webinar for an introduction to Flash Lite.
    After the webinar, come back to this thread with additional questions. Robert Burdick, Sr. Architect with Nokia and Peter Kacandes, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager at Adobe will present the webinar and monitor this thread afterwards.

    Among other topics, the webinar will cover new APIs that provide FL developers access to platform services, such as access to Calendar, landmarks, and messaging.

    These topics will also be covered at Adobe Max. More details here

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    Exclamation Re: Forum Nokia / Adobe Flash Lite Webinar

    The list grew too long, creating specific threads. Will post the links here.

    Nokia Platform Services problems:

    Nokia Platform Services suggestions:
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    Arrow WEBINAR: Distribution, Discovery and DRM – for Flash Lite Developers

    Discovery, Distribution, DRM.
    The three main problems facing any Flash Lite developer - have now been addressed. In this webinar Stephen Ellis and Riku Salminen present some exciting opportunities that can help open the door to 350 million Nokia devices that have Flash Lite already installed.

    We will discuss the revenue and discovery model, showcase a new online packager and look at technical issues surrounding signing and DRM.

    Join us to learn how to start making money using your Flash Skills - combined with Nokia platforms.

    March 17
    EMEA Session: 11:00 a.m. London, 1:00 p.m. Helsinki
    Register »

    March 18
    Americas Session: 10:00 a.m. San Francisco, 1:00 p.m. New York
    Register »

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    Re: Forum Nokia / Adobe Flash Lite Webinar

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