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    Some Questions about JSR293

    I am interested in JSR293.
    I read the Proposed Final Draft documents. I have some questions.

    1. MapServiceProvider interface has two methods named as "displayMap()". One requests to display a map with the given map overlay objects. the other requests to display a map with landmarks, areas, coordinates and route. btw if I want to display landmarks and map overlay objects on the same map, how can I do this?
    I want to know why you make additional API instead of passing the map overlay objects as additional parameter.

    void displayMap(RectangleGeographicArea initialViewport,
    GeographicArea[] areas,
    Landmark[] landmarks,
    Coordinates coordinates,
    Route route,
    MapServicePreferences preferences,
    MapServiceListener listener)
    throws ServiceException

    Requests a map service provider to display a map. An application may specify a set geographical areas, a set of landmarks, a coordinates object and a route to be shown on the map. An application may request only one of these alternatives or any combination of them. The application also specifies what is the initial viewport to the map that is shown to the user with Viewport object. Passing null as the initial viewport, means that the map service provider decides the initial viewport.
    This is method signature and its description.
    the type of initialViewport is RectangleGeographicArea, is it right?
    in the description, its type seems to be Viewport.

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    Re: Some Questions about JSR293


    for some reason, the version (v.0.15) that is downloadable from the JCP website is not the latest version. I asked the spec lead to upload the latest, so please take a look on the new one as it does not have two displayMap() methods anymore. We in fact removed the class MapOverlays as it had many problems. Now that if developer wants to do map mashups, he/she must use the Map object and he/she can render whatever he/she wants on top of that.

    Sorry for the confusion, I will post here when the final version is online.

    Carl Snellman
    Member of the JSR293 Expert Group

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    Re: Some Questions about JSR293

    Thank you for your response.
    I'll wait for the final version.

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    Re: Some Questions about JSR293

    I got the final version from the JCP website.
    There are many changes.
    Is there reference implementation and test case?
    How can I get them if exist?

    Thank you

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