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    Array of 6 million doubles

    Dear Devs,

    (it may sound crazy)
    Need to create dynamically an array of 6 million double numbers
    that will be loaded from a resource file, so that to keep the exe small.

    I went thru the posts, still need a good starting tip on how
    to approach this issue.


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    Re: Array of 6 million doubles

    On double you probably mean TReal, a 64-bit (8-byte) number. 6 million is around 6 "mega", 6*8=48, so you would need around 48 megabytes of memory for that. Most current devices do not have such amount of free memory.
    Otherwise you can either use TPckg/Buf<TReal>+RFile::Read or RFileReadStream::ReadReal64L for reading TReal-s from files.

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    Re: Array of 6 million doubles

    well if the program logic premits, instead of reading the entire array... it would be a better idea to read a portion and work on it and keep the array always sorted....

    other wise this is mostly impossible, as to get so much heap...
    Amit Kankani
    Nokia Developer Champion

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