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    Any body tried ZXING


    Did any body try Zxing barcode decoder lib ever?
    I am trying to use it but not getting it right.
    These are the steps, I followed:

    1. build Zxing using ant --> it will give two jar files, core.jar, and javame.jar
    2. In eclipse do add external jar files to add these two jar files into the project.
    3. In eclipse project properties-> order and export.
    Mark these two jars.
    4. Build it.

    But in step 4 I am getting the following error:
    Error in Preverification.

    Could you please help me on this? I am in urgent need of it.

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    Re: Any body tried ZXING

    u might want to post the error as well
    or is error in preverification all u get ?

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    Re: Any body tried ZXING

    Yeah asahlot, ZXing is a fantastic library.

    That preverification thing might be because the ZXing midlet uses JSR-234 classes? But post your error message.

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    Re: Any body tried ZXING

    Hi, i ve used in three phone model. First nokia e71 wich implement jsr 234 (autofocus capability, zooming also, ...) and it works well. so i ve tryed the same code and just desacte amms feacher and deployed my application on nokia 2700 classique. i was realy disappointed ;(. the result were not sattisfied. i also tryed my application with another phone constructor the result were worst. hehehe
    did i have chosed the best library? did you know if there is an other library i should use (not essentialy open source).
    i ve used mobiletag reader and kaywareader and these application work perfectly. i want to developpe same application.
    best regards.

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