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    [moved] New S60v5 SDK Emulator Question

    Hey all,

    i've downloaded and played around with the emulator in the s60v5 sdk, and i've seen that there isn't any option to enable menu transitions anywhere in the control panel. i've seen a couple of videos and there are some really awesome transitions for the 5800,like going into messaging or anything, the break apart transitions n stuff.. i couldn't find any of that in the emulator. can some one tell me what i'm missing ??? :confused:

    also sorry if this is in the wrong forum, please move it mods if it is. :)

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    Re: New S60v5 SDK Emulator Question

    The SDK emulator has only the general features that you should expect in any device built on the given release. The SDK does not aim to simulate features which may indeed be phone specific.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: New S60v5 SDK Emulator Question

    wow fast reply! lol!! okay i guess its too much to ask from the emu, honestly i cannot wait for this phone! i'm from india so its supposed to release by year end from what i've read. I'll buy it first day it releases!!!

    I've played around A LOT with the emulator, and tried a lot of java games/sis apps etc that were meant for s60v3 but most of them actually worked for this platform, incorporating a virtual keypad. And web browsing is very powerful and simple! This new os looks very promising! :D

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