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    Question Installing OpenC (PIPS) on Samsung SGH-i560


    i have a problem with the install of OpenC on this phone. Installation starts, i accept all messages, then the installation progress bar jumps in one second to full. If i look at the program manager than it says, that the size is 1KB. Also the apps which work with this feature doesn't work, so i think its not installed correctly.

    I am trying to start fluidlauncher sample from QT S60 prerelease. But it does nothing.

    Is it possible to install PIPS on this phone or not?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Installing OpenC (PIPS) on Samsung SGH-i560


    Last time I checked with the Samsung Mobile Innovator people about this (week before last) the Open C SIS files were signed with a Nokia certificate that wouldn't allow them to install in Samsung phones. They were actively working on a solution for this. It seems as if it should be fairly easy to resolve but I suspect it's more of a political issue than a technical issue.


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