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    MMS, MTM, EAIF, ...


    please let me know whether the following statements are correct.

    1) EAIF can only be used to simulate communication with the Nokia MMSC, but no other MMSC.

    2) The series 60 MMS MTM can be used to programmatically send and receive MMS, including new MIME types (if registered).

    3) The MMS MTM will succeed sending an MMS, even if a non Nokia MMSC is used (e.g. Ericsson).

    Is there any way to extend the built-in MMS client (3650) to also offer to insert a new MIME type object, in addition to what it already has available?

    Thanks a lot for your help,

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    RE: MMS, MTM, EAIF, ...


    1) True,

    The rest are more Symbian OS related and would better serve others if posted on the Symbian OS side of the Knowledge Network. Anyway, here's the answers:

    2) True,
    3) True - there is no differentiation between MMSC manufacturers,

    4) Already you can insert any MIME type object with the MMS Client. The client tries to recognise the MIME type but if it doesn't you can tell the type with CMmsClientMtm::SetAttachmentTypeL().
    To be able to receive a new MIME type you have to create and install a new MIME type Recognizer. (More information about these in the Symbian OS Discussion)

    Best Regards,
    Ari / Forum Nokia

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