Hi Everybody, I am trying to track down details on the CARK-91's Data/Handset socket. My application is based for use on fishing boats. The Nokia car kit is one of only a few that allow you to use an external handset and data while the phone is in the cradle. Problem is that Nokia Australia seem to no longer supply either the HSU-1 handset or the DAC-2 data cable adapter. Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding out the configuration of this Data/Handset socket?? The fishing industry in Australia has been dealt a blow with the demise of AMPS and the Nokia 6385/CARK-91 combination might be what is needed. Handsfree car kits aren't very good in a noisy environment like a fishing boat and do not allow for a private conversation. Needless to say, if a CDMA car phone was available, similar to the GSM 6090 phone, we could sell hundreds and hundreds in this port alone..
Any ideas on the handset problem??