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    Question Problem while writing on perticular port using socket

    Hi All,

    1. I wrote following code to write on perticular port.
    2. On the same Device I have listener (written in JAVA).
    3. My SocketWrite Application is able to invoke that Listener application but there is some problem regarding write socket code.
    4. SocketWrite App invokes that Listener many times and every time it Listener says connection successful >> availbale bytes 0.

    void CSocketActiveObjectClass::ConstructL()

    myLogFile = LogFile::NewL();

    //Provides the Connect() function to create an IPC communication channel to the socket server.

    iWriteSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockStream, KProtocolInetTcp);

    const TInt KEchoPort= 5002;
    TInetAddr destAddr;
    const TUint32 KInetAddr=INET_ADDR(127,0,0,1);
    iWriteSocket.Connect(destAddr, aStaus);
    TInt KSMSMessageLength = 50;
    HBufC* message = HBufC::NewLC(KSMSMessageLength);
    TPtr16 ptr = message->Des();
    ptr.Append((const TDes16&)KStartingString);
    const TDesC8& iBody = (TDesC8&)ptr;
    myLogFile->writeLog(_L("message created\n"));

    CActiveScheduler::Add( this); // Add to scheduler
    5. Initially I put iWriteSocket.Write(iBody,aStaus);
    in RunL .... to invoke after iWriteSocket.Connect(destAddr, aStaus); 's success.

    6. But by any way it giving same problem.

    Please help me if any one can guess .... where I m wrong?

    Thanks and Regards,
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